About Us

April travel and tours was founded by a young lady in 2015 who not only had a passion for travel but also had a vision. Our vision @ April travel and tours is to be one of the leading travel and tour operators in Zimbabwe and we believe with our efficient services we on the right track.

April travel and tours is your one stop shop which coordinates comprehensive travel itineraries in real time. We are your personal shopper delivering the lowest fares and rates, helping you to secure the best travel deals according to your specific preferences ,needs and budget . At April Travel and tours we are committed to delivering greatest moments with our comprehensive services for groups , cooperates aswell as individuals. Our purpose is to deliver greatest moments.

AT&T Services


The Business

The core business of April Travel and Tours is providing various Travel & Tourism luxurious services through a network of partners and an online platform that serves consumers via the business-to-consumer channel.
April Travel and Tours provides multiple products and services, including Flights, Shuttle service Insurance Flight bookings reservations Resort Accomodations Holiday packages Events planning Team Building activities

AT&T  also provides targeted packages designed to fit all Markets and the travel culture, and its preference.
We operate multiple sales channels that focus on different customer segments. Our platform also interfaced with various Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Central Reservation Systems (CRS), and local electronic hotel inventories.

Teamwork We have built a team that works result-oriented; unifying talent and give-and-take to respect and join different opinions, knowledge, and abilities because teamwork makes the dream- work



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